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How to buy art Sydney. A range of finished acrylic-on-canvas artworks sale are available  at Art Fusion Gallery ready to take home and hang in your home or business, but if you cannot find one that is perfect for your needs please ask us for a quote to create a custom artwork in any size, style or colour palette.

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Original Artwork Examples

Below is just a small example of some different artwork styles available at Art Fusion Studio & Gallery

If you can’t find an artwork style that suits your home decor, please send us an image of the art style you like, we will create a custom  artwork in your art style of choice.

Check out our Interior Design Art page for artwork examples in home installations.

Buy Art Sydney

Figurative Artworks

Fluid Abstract Artworks

Abstract Artworks

Textured Flowers Artworks

Animal Artworks

Art Fusion are able to create artworks in any style, size and colour, so please let us know your particular art style that you would like us to create, we will be happy to quote to create your perfect artwork.

How to select artworks online, please send a photo of the location where you would like the painting to hang. Include as much of the room and furniture, including some ceiling as possible, perhaps a couple of different angles. If possible also include some images of the artworks that you would like to see on your wall.

Check out our How to Select Artworks page for more details

Buy Art Sydney

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